Submitting Membership Dues and Requesting Membership Cards


We are looking forward to the start of another school year. We are pleased to say that this year we do have the option to send your membership cards directly to your members via email. This option helps to alleviate the burden of card distribution at the local level. Please use the information below as a guide. Missing and/or incorrect information will delay the distribution of your cards. As a reminder, members MUST provide an email address if they wish to receive a card electronically. In addition, if it is a family membership ( Mr & Mrs, Smith). We will need a SEPARATE email address for Mr and Mrs. Smith. The system will not allow more than one card to be sent to any one email.


What are the requirements for reporting membership? In combination with your Membership Chair/Committee & Treasurer, your local PTA membership is reported to Delaware PTA on a monthly basis. The timing and basic procedures are the same as last year’s efforts. What is changing is the addition of a template for capturing member details for subsequent PTA Membership Card distribution. So this year, there will be 3 pieces of information submitted:
Membership Reporting Form,
• Check that matches the dues identified on the Membership Reporting Form AND
Membership Reporting SpreadSheet – All membership must be reported on this  Excel spreadsheet in its entirety and send back to DPTA electronically as a spreadsheet. Please do not send in word or pdf format or via US mail.


Once you have collected all THREE pieces of information, you may submit the Membership Reporting Form and Membership Reporting Spreadsheet directly to  You must send the payment to the state office with a copy of the Membership Reporting Form. Please indicate in your email the date the payment will be mailed to the office.

How will our local unit be getting cards? You will be able to select your distribution options by choosing to have Delaware PTA print and send you the cards, or we will send the cards electronically to your Membership Chair or designated representative and your unit will be responsible for printing and delivering the cards. Please use the Membership Card Distribution Options form to select your preferred method of delivery. Email the completed form back to

What is the first deadline for reporting members? Knowing that everyone is actively involved in their Membership Drives throughout the month of September, your first official reporting with the new Template is at the end of September 2015. Thereafter, monthly updates are month-end.
• Whatever system your local unit is using to track membership, (i.e. Excel spreadsheet, PTOffice, Just Between Friends, Access, etc.) we need for it to be compatible with our Excel Membership Template that Delaware PTA will be supplying just before the start of the school year. It covers the basic information that each unit has traditionally been capturing: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip, Email, Phone Contact, Parent/Teacher, etc.

How will the data and contact information of each individual member be used? Delaware PTA will use the members’ information to get their personalized card to them via email, and as a way of validating our final reporting requirements to National PTA. We will also use the assigned membership number throughout the coming fiscal year during any state-wide voting process – for example at our State Convention in November and our twice annual Board of Managers meetings. In no way will this information be shared with any outside entity or other party – this information is exclusive to Delaware PTA business operations and reaching our membership network.

All forms can be located in the Forms Library of this website

If you have additional questions, please contact your Region Vice President.