Legislative Priorities

Legislative efforts will be consistent with the purposes of the Delaware PTA, and shall include stewardship of legislation through the regulatory and policy implementation process.

The goal of the Delaware PTA State legislative program is to carry out the legislative mission statement defined below.

Mission:  To impact policy that benefits children by collaborating with decision makers on the development and implementation of legislative policies and initiatives in the areas of education, health and wellness and the judicial representation of Delaware’s youth.

Our legislative priorities are voted on each year by the Board of Managers, and approved by the voting body at the annual state convention. In doing so, our membership has tasked Delaware PTA state leadership and the Delaware PTA Legislative Committee to act on their behalf in:

creating, reviewing and providing commentary on matters of education policy, regulations and other such proposals and legislative initiatives; develop position statements relative to the aforementioned matters of education; mobilize membership and the larger community in the support of the legislative priorities; provide representation on state, district and/or school task force, working groups and committees; delegate representation on any of the aforementioned groups as needed; educate the membership on legislative issues via training, meetings, conference calls or printed materials and solicit input from Delaware PTA membership on policy issues that impact the well-being and education of the children of Delaware.

The Delaware PTA Advocacy Committee submits the following Advocacy Plan of Work for the 2017-18 school years.  This plan of work outlines the objectives of the committee and strategies to meet those objectives. The plan of work should be reviewed alongside the most recently approved legislative priorities listed below.

2017-18 DPTA Legislative Priorities Adopted 042818

2016-17 DPTA Legislative Priorities Adopted 042817

2015- 16 2015-16 Legislative Priorities

2014-15  Legislative Priorities and Positions 2014-15

2013-14  DPTA Legislative Priorities


If you are interested in joining our Committee to advocate for any of these priorities, please contact our Advocacy Chair at yjohnson@delawarepta.org.