Delaware PTA Resolutions

A resolution is an original main motion that is brought forward at convention because it addresses an issue of nationwide concern related to the education, health, safety or welfare of children and youth, or parental education and family engagement. A resolution outlines action and is submitted in writing. National PTA considers resolutions each year at its annual convention. It is submitted in writing and meets certain criteria. A resolution can be submitted by a local, council, district/region, or state PTA, as well as the National PTA Board of Directors.

National PTA Resolutions Toolkit

National PTA Resolutions

Delaware PTA Resolutions can be adopted by an individual, unit, or district at our annual state convention and must not conflict with National PTA positions.

Restraint and Seclusion Resolution

Funding Inequities in Public Education Resolution

Teacher Prep for Family Engagement Resolution

Parent Involvement in Site Based Decision Making Resolution

Library Support Resolution

Computer Technology Resolution

Child Protective Services Resolution

Child Abuse Resolution