Chartering A New PTA

Any group may request to organize as a unit of the Delaware State PTA provided there is not an existing PTA unit in the school.

It is recommended an association must be composed of not less than 10 members, of whom at least three serve in the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer.

The PTA Region VP is responsible for all organizing done within their region, and should be consulted when contemplating forming a new unit.

The name of the new association will be presented before the Delaware State PTA Board of Managers when:

  • The application for acceptance in the Delaware State PTA have been received;
  • The per capita dues with member names and address have been received in the state office;
  • The unit bylaws have been approved by the Bylaws Committee; and
  • An Employer Identification Number application has been submitted to the IRS.

Upon acceptance by the Delaware State PTA Board of Managers, the state office shall issue a charter to the new association.

Chartering A New PTA


EIN Application