One of the compliance requirements for local units is to have each Officer attend local leader
training each year.  Therefore, all PTA officers that are serving each year must attend Leadership
Training even if they have attended this training in the past.  While the topics may be the same,
new information and new IRS/PTA guidelines and processes are covered each year. In addition,
important information about national programs and grant opportunities are discussed. We also give
an overview of Memberhub and walk through important Leader Knowledge areas of the National
PTA website.

Upcoming Training Sessions:

Training Topics

PTA President/Vice President Training

This is a great workshop for all local PTA unit Presidents and Vice Presidents! It doesn’t matter if
you’re a veteran or new to the role. This interactive workshop will focus on the responsibilities of the
PTA President/Vice-President and discuss different strategies and ideas for building and retaining a
strong, successful PTA board.

Money Matters – Best Practices & IRS Updates

Learn valuable information about finances for your PTA unit.  You will learn about best practices, as
well as sharing ideas and information.  Find out what it takes to maintain your nonprofit status with
the IRS.  If you’ve never been to Treasurer’s training, this is your opportunity!

Membership Outreach

Membership is the lifeblood of any local unit. The primary reason for developing membership is to
build an informed team of individuals to work on behalf of all children and youth. We will show you
various strategies and resources designed to help you increase and maintain the membership in
your local unit. Learn all about the importance of proper membership reporting and much more!

Advocacy and Programs

Advocacy is the foundation on which the PTA is built. Learn more about advocacy efforts nationally,
within Delaware and how you can introduce advocacy within the local unit.  Learn about PTA
programs such as Reflections, Diversity, Scholarships and other areas that are benefits to local units
and its members as well as Delaware VIP members.