Delaware PTA Position Statements

Often times during our advocacy, Delaware PTA will formally adopt a position regarding a specific legislative proposal or develop a position in response to community events that will impact the education, health and/or welfare of our children.   Our position statements are formulated by the Advocacy Committee and submitted to our state board for approval by majority vote. All approved position statements are in alignment with the mission and objectives of National PTA and the State PTA and are general 

School Safety: Safe and Supportive Schools Position Statement

Hope Trust For DE kids DPTA Coalition for Delaware Kids Letter of Support

Anti-Discrimination and Model Policy Delaware PTA Position on Regulation 225

School Start After Labor Day Draft Labor Day start leg SBCR#20

School Report Cards/Accountability: DPTA Position on Reg 103 and Accountability

Education and Charter SchoolsHB165 Position Statement

 Accelerated Academic Programming:  SB27

 Digital Recording of public school board meetings:  HB23

 Use of Restraint and Seclusion:  SB100

Student Data Privacy DPTA Position Statement on SB 79

State Assessments    DPTA Position on State Assessments

Military Connected Student Identifier SB 94 Military Student Identifier

Autism Service Advancement Package Position Statement on Senate Bill 92 and 93

State Level Study on Student Assessment Testing Position Statement on SJR#2