Market Place Fundraisers

We know that fundraising is critical at the local level in supporting your efforts to provide supports, services and programs that will benefit your school community. Although we do not do fundraisers at the state level, we often receive a ton of requests and information from state and national programs looking to get their information into the hands of our local leaders.

In addition to the PTA Fundraising page available through National PTA, we have provided the following links to companies that have either reached out to us or fundraising programs that have been shared with us by many of you.

*Please note, although we are sharing this information, Delaware PTA  is in no way endorsing any of the following products or services. We are simply providing you with access to information so that you can decide which fundraiser is right for your school. If you have a great fundraising idea that has worked for your school and you would like to share it with others, please email us at and we will add your idea to this page. Be sure to include the name of the fundraiser, a link to the organization/or sign up and any information that will be helpful to other units!


Local Fundraisers

Dairy Queen Fundraiser – Contact

Crumbs Bake Shop – Contact

Boscov’s PTA Fundraiser- Contact

Bloom Planners – Contact

Thirty-one Bage – Contact

National Fundraisers

Boldface Back To School Backpacks –

Similar to other fundraising programs our program provides the PTA with a percentage of each sale. In our case, we provide $6 or $7 (depending on the backpack purchased) to the PTA for every referred sale. The program is easy. The PTA provides a Web link to parents and other supporters, posts the link on the PTA Web page, includes the link with periodic PTAnewsletters/email blasts and/or places the link on social media. The link identifies each PTA organization and sales are tracked by our software. PTAs are able to check sales online to review progress. It is very simple and requires very little effort from the PTA or the schools involved. The added benefit is that Boldface can create customized on-demand backpacks featuring each school’s logo. This is a great way to promote school spirit. Or parents/supporters can select a stock image from our library or upload their own image. It’s a very simple process and none of it requires much effort from PTA volunteers. Contact


Label Daddy Flyer

Our program is fun and simple.  We provide your schools with a customized coded label flyer that can be put on their website and/or printed and passed out to all of their families. There is no charge to you for this flyer nor any set up charges within our program. We also highly recommend that each school sends dedicated “email blasts” to all the parents regarding the fundraiser.  We have found that this is by far and away the best and most efficient way to get the word out.  All orders that come in through our site using the schools  unique code will earn the school a donation in the amount of 20% of each and every orderThis code can be used by friends, family, and everybody you can think of to help support your school’s fundraiser. Each month LabelDaddy will send each school a donation check along with a list of all orders that came in using the school’s code. It really is this simple!  The school does absolutely nothing except promote and talk up the fundraiser. (No crazy paper work to complete and keep track of, no money to collect, candy bars or wrapping paper to sell, etc.) The better that it is promoted, the better it will do.  Set up takes only a few hours on our end online. Contact

Strong evidence exists which supports the link between physical activity and health outcomes, as well as the positive effects of physical education and physical activity on school performance. The Good To Go Gangfundraiser allows you to promote healthy lifestyles via fun interactive activities on nutrition and physical activities, while supporting Delaware’s mandate that schools provide physical education in grades K-8, and requires that high schools provide physical education courses.  Your PTA will earn $3.00 for every $10.00 kit that you sell AND have a chance to win an additional cash prize. Contact 

My School Calendar

My School Calendar app is a mobile app that will automatically sync school events to the calendars and organizational software in parents’
mobile devices. Just send us a list of the events you would like included and we will set up the app for free. Then simply tell the parents how they can earn money for your school and get organized at the same time.

Go to the My School Calendar website to find out more and get started.

Schwan’s CaresSchwans Cares

Giving back to your community never tasted so delicious

SCHWAN’S CARES™ helps your team or group raise funds quickly and easily. Simply invite your supporters—family, friends, neighbors—to shop from a list of over 350 delicious foods from Schwan’s and let them know Schwan’s Home Service will contribute up to 40% of each purchase amount to your school. With over 350 high-quality, delicious foods to choose from and simple one-click ordering options, it’s easy to give back. Your supporters enjoy delicious food as your school raises needed funds. You simply spread the word to your school and community and Schwan’s Home Delivery will take the orders, handle the cash and deliver the food! Visit to learn more or start your campaign today!