Delaware PTA Committees

The Delaware PTA is always looking for new people to join our team. We are currently looking for interested individuals to serve on the state board for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

** We are looking to fill the role of Treasurer  and  VP of Leadership by Presidential appointment. Interested candidates should contact us at

Take a look at the Delaware-PTA-Committee-Opportunities available. If you are interested in a position on one of our committees as a chair or a member, fill out the contact information form and return it to

There are four requirements to join the State Leadership team:

  • be a resident of the state of Delaware
  • be a current member of a PTA unit in good standing or a Delaware PTA VIP member
  • be able to attend regularly scheduled meetings, and
  • possess a willingness to do assigned tasks.

There are two governing groups for the Delaware PTA; the Executive Committee and the Board of Managers.  The individuals serving on each of these groups is specified in the Delaware PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules.

Executive Committee

The Delaware PTA Executive Committee consists of the elected officers and Lead Region Vice President. The immediate past president serves as an advisor and is a non-voting member of the Committee. The Executive Committee transacts the business of the organization between regularly scheduled Board meetings and oversees all activities of the Delaware PTA.

Board of Managers

The Delaware PTA Board of Managers is the governing body of the Delaware PTA. It is made up of the elected officers, immediate past president, Region Vice Presidents, and committee chairs.  These individuals, both elected and appointed, come together several times a year to review and approve all transactions and activities of the Delaware PTA and to govern and lead the Delaware PTA membership.