Delaware PTA Representation on Policymaking Bodies, Task Force and Work Groups

Delaware PTA strongly believes in collaborating with community partners and other stakeholders to support the families, educators and children of Delaware. Our participation in various community and state committees represents the voice of parents. All public meetings/hearings will be posted on our calendar. We strongly encourage our membership to attend any public meeting they are interested in!! To view the calendar of public meetings by agency or key word click here

Current committees and task force groups Delaware PTA belongs to:

State Committees/Councils/Taskforce

 P20 Council: Multi-organization council established by Executive Order to coordinate educational efforts of publicly funded programs from early child care through higher education. PTA Representative:  Purnima Montagne or assigned designee

Family Shades: An alliance of organizations, agencies and families committed to working together to improve the quality of life for children and youth with special healthcare needs and their familiesPTA Representative: Bill Doolittle

Charter/District Collaboration Task Force (SB 147): purpose of this task force is to provide an overview of Delaware’s education landscape and discuss methods for collaboration between Charter schools and traditional public schools in Delaware. PTA Representative:  Yvonne Johnson…/SB…/3081470212.docx?open

K-2 social emotional curriculum standards committee: As part of the early childhood initiative, K-2 social emotional standards committee is charged with developing measurable standards and the curriculum and curricular supports, to formalize the functional curriculum beginning in grades K-2. PTA Representative: Bill Doolittle

Delaware Education Support System (DESS) Advisory Council: The Council provides guidance on Title 1 application by SEA. PTA Representative: Bill Doolittle

Next Generation Science Standards Leadership Team: The purpose of team is to create a comprehensive implementation plan for the Next Generation Science Standards focusing on communication, assessment, professional development, infrastructure and curriculum.  PTA Representative: Dr. Terri Hodges

Restraint & Seclusion Coalition: The purpose of this group is to ensure the safety of all children by assessing state and federal restraint and seclusion regulations and provide regulatory recommendations on the use of restraint and seclusion in Delaware public schools. PTA Representatives: Bill Doolittle

DPAS Advisory Committee: The purpose of this committee discusses and makes recommendations on the Delaware teacher evaluation system. PTA Representative: Carey Corbin

 Charter Working Group:  collaboration to improve the law around how charter schools operate, how they are governed and led, and how they are sustained and supported financially. PTA Representative: Yvonne Johnson

Enrollment Preference Taskforce (HB 90): The task force was created to consider the current landscape of enrollment preferences and practices used by magnet, vocational technical, and charter schools and develop recommendations that are aligned with the  legislative intent of House Bill 90, to remove discriminatory practices from the enrollment process. PTA Representatives: Dr. Terri Hodges, Yvonne Johnson *Taskforce concluded in 2015, recommendations sent to the General Assembly 

Parent Information Center of Delaware: Provides resources and information for parents to help them advocate for their child. PTA Representative: 

SPaRC Implementation Team: SPaRC is a public-private initiative designed to improve the level of college and career readiness of Delaware’s students.  Building on Delaware’s existing Student Success Plan (SSP) initiative, SPaRC leverages the investment made and the experience gained using the Career Cruising software platform, providing additional functionality and capability to help students explore their post-secondary options, and a framework / toolkit for employers and their employees to connect and engage with schools and students. PTA Representative: Ashley Dalzell-Gray

Vision 2015 – Next Decade: Following up on the success of the original Vision 2015 plan recommendations, Vision 2015 The Next Decade is a statewide collaboration designed to look at strategies to move Delaware’s public school education system from good to great by focusing on key areas. PTA Representatives: Dr. Terri Hodges, Steering Committee; Ashley Dalzell-Gray, Student Centered Learning; Dr. Terri Hodges, System Governance & Accountability.

Children In Nature: Leave No Child Inside Project is to improve environmental literacy, create opportunities for children to participate in outdoor experiences, promote healthy lifestyles and provide better access to green space through school and community programs: PTA Representative: 

Delaware Military Compact Commission : Deals with the challenges of military children and their frequent relocations. Allows for uniform treatment as military children transfer between school districts in member states. PTA Representative: Dr. Terri Hodges

Education Funding Improvement Commission ( SJR4): In June 2015, Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 4 established a Commission to review and make recommendations to modernize and improved Delaware’s system for funding public education. View full legislation here PTA Representative: Ashley Dalzell -Gray * Meetings open to the public

Student Data Privacy Taskforce: Student Data Privacy Task Force created by SS1 for SB79 passed by the 148th General Assembly. PTA Representative: Yvonne Johnson * Meetings open to the public