Important Dates – Action Required

PTA Members,
We have two very important dates coming up which require your immediate attention.
The first date is Tuesday 9/22 for the Board of Managers meeting. Although many units have registered, there are still units that have not registered. As a reminder, every local unit President ( or their appointed designee) must attend Board of Managers. If your unit is not registered please use the link below to register today. You can also find out more information on Board of Managers on our website.
Register for Board of Managers
The second event is the Annual State Convention on Saturday November 21st. The Early Bird registration fee of $35 per person is only valid from 9/1/15 – 10/21/15.
Similar to Board of Managers, every unit should be represented by the local unit officers. We encourage local unit leaders to promote the convention among their general membership and teachers as well. Per Article XV, Section 2(b) of the Delaware PTA bylaws, each unit is entitled to 1 voting delegate per 20 members from a unit in good standing.
You can register for Convention using the following link
You can also find out more about Convention by visiting our website.
*The registrations are separate for each event.