Updates: Deadlines Approaching

Here are some important dates to promote the PTA programs and advocacy efforts within your school community

Aug 28 – State Reflection Leaders call at 2 pm EST1-888-585-9008 and the passcode is 243-697-9008

Aug 31 – Deadline for elementary PTAs to submit a STEM + Families grant application for $1,000. Encourage this wonderful opportunity

Sept 29 – Our Advocacy at work – Encourage members and adults to sign the petition – #StopCutstoClassroom

Oct 1 – Deadline for local units to register for the School of Excellence award

Back to School Kit – (BTSK) Officers with every local unit should register. It is an online kit that is very accessible and has downloadable pages.

E Learning Courses – Basic information for officer positions and other topics at your fingertips and open to all PTA members.

visit pta.org for more information