Two Christina School District PTAs Recipients of the National PTA Kindle Giveaway

Congratulations to Downes PTA and Maclary PTA in the Christina School District for being chosen as one of the National PTA Kindle Giveaway recipients.

The 2017 reading month giveaway is part of the National PTA Family Reading Experience and in celebration of National Reading Month in March 2017. The PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle is a program that helps children become better readers and helps foster the love of reading through a set of free literacy activities that are fun for the whole family.

“Families play an essential role in helping children develop their literacy skills. And e-readers are a powerful tool to engage children in reading,” said Laura Bay, president of National PTA. “We are thrilled to equip local PTAs and schools with Kindle e-readers for family engagement and literacy efforts.”

PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle is a national program that engages the whole family to support the development of literacy skills and foster a love of reading. Through a set of fun, educational activities, the program empowers families with information and tools to use at home and new ways to explore books together.

“PTA offers many great programs that support student success and family engagement. We are excited to see or local units taking advantage of these opportunities and doing what they do best – supporting their school communities,” said Dr. Terri Hodges, president of Delaware State PTA.

In an effort to support this program and other initiatives, National PTA offers a reading toolkit with activities to reinforce the core skills of literacy—phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary—and focus on improving reading skills between kindergarten and fifth grade.