This email is being sent on behalf of Marques Ivey, Chair, National PTA Bylaws and Policy Committee


The National PTA Board of Directors has approved the proposed bylaws revision submitted by the Bylaws and Policy Committee. The proposed bylaws document and additional supporting materials can be found at Included on the site are the following materials:

  • Current National PTA Bylaws
  • Proposed National PTA Bylaws Revision
  • Proposed Amendments to National PTA’s Articles of Incorporation
  • Cross Reference Document that highlights the Proposed Bylaws changes
  • Image Highlighting the Alignment of National PTA’s Governing Documents

Please feel free to share the materials with your membership and use this video at your state PTA Conventions or state Board meetings. Download the video here:

Additional documents are also being developed and we will notify you when they are posted to the web site. The Proposed Bylaws will be voted on at the 2015 National PTA Convention in Charlotte, NC.

I look forward to seeing you in Charlotte.

Marques Ivey

Chair, National PTA Bylaws and Policy Committee