Take Action! FY2015 Appropriations Action Alert

Greetings PTA Members,

The FY2015 Appropriations process is in full swing. Currently the government is funded through December 11th at which time Congress must pass new legislation to avoid a government shutdown. PTA sent this, PTA Letter-FY2015 Appropriations letter to all members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees asking for a bill that provides funding through the remainder of the fiscal year that provides targeted increases to education programs and that Congress protect standards for healthy school lunches.

We want to be sure that all Members of Congress hear from PTA on this issue before the 11th!  You may have already received an Action Alert from National PTA if you are a subscriber to the PTA Take Action list.  If not, the alert is currently up on the Takes Action website (www.pta.org/takesaction) or can be viewed here: http://takesaction.pta.org/npta2/app/write-a-letter?1&engagementId=70242. You can complete the information and make your voice heard!

Please share this with your membership!