Spotlight on the Local Unit & Community Member Convention Award Winners

Local Unit/Community Awards

Congratulations to the follow local PTA units and community/school leaders on their achievements. We will honor all recipients during the awards ceremony at the Annual Convention on April 28th at St. Georges HS. Delaware PTA commends the following local units, families, students and community leaders on their outstanding service and dedication to the mission of PTA. 

 Membership Awards

100% Teacher Membership

Thurgood Marshall PTA

Cooke PTA

Downes PTA

North Star PTA

Maclary PTA

March Madness Winner

Jennie Smith PTA

Membership Retention  

Pleasantville PTA

Membership Retention Honorable Mention


H B du Pont PTA

Linden Hill PTA

North Star PTA

Membership Retention” 1st year qualifiers”

Southern Elementary PTA

Lancashire Elementary PTA

National Awards

 School of Excellence Designee 2017-19

HB duPont PTA

National PTA Mary Lou Anderson Arts Enhancement Grant

H.B. du Pont PTA

New/Reinstated Units 2017-18

Del-Castle Vo Tech HS PTSA

Christina Campus PTA

AI Highschool PTSA

Oberle Elem PTA

Local Unit Awards

Communication Award

Mount Pleasant Elementary PTA – For their outstanding communications and social media outreach.

Family Engagement Award

Olive B Loss PTA – For the Owl Fest Family Engagement Night

Advocacy Award

West Park Place PTA – For their advocacy to preserve the name of their school.

Arts in Education Award

Shue Medill PTA – For their Family Paint Mural Night.

President’s “Celebrate Our Children Award”

Oberle PTA – For their unwavering commitment to ongoing support for students.

PTA Choice Superintendent Award

Dr. Mervin Daugherty, Red Clay

Children’s Champion Award

Attorney General Matt Denn


For more information on the award categories and eligibility requirements CLICK HERE