Reflections Award Ceremony

Please join Delaware PTA in congratulating the winners of the 2016-17 Reflections program!  This year’s theme was ‘What is Your Story?’  The winner in each category will be competing at the National PTA level.   National PTA winners will be announced on May 1, 2017.  You may see the complete list at in the “Gallery and Awards” section on that date. 

These students’ accomplishments will be honored at the Reflections Award Ceremony on Monday, April 10th at 6pm at Newark High School.   Their entries will be displayed for all to admire.  Family, friends and the public are welcome to attend. 


Primary:               Evelyn Dawn Bonavita – Wilson (Winner)  ‘Dance’

Lauryn Leech – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Heartsong’

Intermediate:    Abby Ehemann – Maclary (Winner)  ‘With My Own Two Hands’

Jane Gentry – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Story is Dance’

Taru Sankar – Smith (Honorable Mention)  ‘What is Your Story?’

Middle School:  Sareena Modi – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘My Story Through Dance’



Primary:               Cody Williamson – North Star (Winner)  ‘Candy World’

Intermediate:    Lily Greenley – Maclary (Winner)  ‘Becoming the Dragon’

Aleksandra Kushkieva – Cooke (Honorable Mention)  ‘Plantastic, Particular Plants’

James Diego Smyth – Cooke (Honorable Mention)  ‘C.O.D.E.’



Primary:               Aadi Lakshmi Deepu – Linden Hill (Winner)  ‘The Seed’

Jordan Dryer – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Dreams are my Future’

Peyton Riley – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Creativity’

Intermediate:    Srijay Chenna – North Star (Winner)  ‘Vroom … My Road Trip!’

Roberto Carbajal –Wilson (Honorable Mention)  ‘When I Came to the United States’

Nicholas Livaditis – Cooke (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Soccer Story’

Middle School:  Janelle Javier – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘The Star-Holder’

Jake Bove Hannum – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Life Goes On’

Louis Hu – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Imperfections’

Daniel Steenkamer – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘No Beef with Wellington’

High School:       Sowmya Janaki – Delaware Military Academy (Winner)  ‘The Tryouts’

Davina Eppler – Hodgson / VIP (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Story Through Art’



Primary:               Jackson Williamson – North Star (Winner)  ‘This is My Story’

Savannah Gallaher – ASPIRA / VIP (Honorable Mention)  ‘Savannah’s Life’

Intermediate:    Tage Harrison – Brick Mill / VIP (Winner)  ‘Emotions’

Zachariah Gallaher – ASPIRA / VIP (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Life in Song’

Taru Sankar – Smith (Honorable Mention)  ‘This is Me’



Primary:               Michaela Goguen – Linden Hill (Winner)  ‘Begin My Rainbow’

Elizabeth Rawstrom – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)  ‘Family’

Harry Rawstrom – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)  ‘The Robber in Jail’

Intermediate:    Alekhya Veeramachineni  – North Star (Winner)  ‘Alekhya the Explorer! ’

Tage Harrison – Brick Mill / VIP (Honorable Mention)  ‘Possibilities ’

Sophia Powell  – Downes (Honorable Mention)  ‘Supermoon’

Middle School:  Amrutha Veeramachineni – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘Passion’

Shayla Modi – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Falling Leaves’

Ava Stiner – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Stars in Orbit’

High School:       Victoria Gallaher – Cab Calloway / VIP (Winner)  ‘Guinea Pig Collage’


Visual Arts

Primary:               Methuki Fonseka – Linden Hill (Winner)  ‘The Travelers’

Alyssa Simon – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Story Is I Am an Artist’

Finneas Santoro – Downes (Honorable Mention)  ‘Family’

Intermediate:    Adarsh Ramamurthy – Linden Hill (Winner)  ‘A Tale of Two Personalities’

Madison Butts – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘Stepping Stones of My Life’

Magdalina German – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘Helping Others Is My Story’

Middle School:  Ainsley Fischer – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘My Life is a Blank Canvas’

Samantha Uy – HB DuPont  (Honorable Mention)  ‘Helping Hands’

Victoria Carpe – Waters (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Life’

High School:       Zachary Ballie – Newark (Winner)  ‘Trapped’

Alexandra Peralta – Newark (Honorable Mention)  ‘Inner Demons’

Emily Thompson – Newark (Honorable Mention)  ‘The Story of the Best Isn’t Always the Best Story’


 In addition to the above, Delaware PTA submitted five entries to National PTA for their 2018-2019 theme search contest.

Those winners are:

Gage Merritt – Wilson,  ‘Challenge yourself.  You can make a difference.’

Madelyn Long-Haggerty – Wilson,  ‘Oh, the places you’ll go!’

Richard Primas – Wilson,   ‘All together, we are one!’

Sareena Modi – HB DuPont ,  ‘What’s your superpower?’

Srijay Chenna – North Star,   ‘What if…’


The theme for 2017-2018 is ‘Within Reach’.  Rules and documentation should be available at under the Reflections tab in May.  Students are able to work on submissions over the summer.

Reflections is open to students who attend schools that do not have a PTA or an organized Reflections program.  If you are interested in obtaining more information about this, please let me know.

If you have any questions, please contact