PTA Funding and Program Opportunities

Promoting the Value of PTA –

School of Excellence – the deadline to sign up is Oct. 1.  This is a wonderful program to bring parents and educators together for the benefit of student success.

Reflections “What’s your Story?” We strongly encourage local units to sign up for the Reflections Program. We offer support at the state and national level.  One of the easiest is the eLearning course which explains the program.

Funding Opportunities –

Go Fund Me – deadline closes Sept. 16th.  Local units can sign up to start a campaign to benefit a teacher or a classroom. They will receive $50 and those that raise the most money will have an opportunity to win $10,000.

Good Housekeeping POPS challenge – registration deadline is Sept. 20th.  The local PTA needs a coordinator to register their local unit.  This is a program designed for local units in good standing – dedicated to PTAs.  It is a win/win all around.  There are 4 winning PTAs that will receive $5,000 and the state where the PTAs are located will win $1,000.  .

Here are the official contest rules, this feels similar to Box Tops. There are specific participating products (Tide, Lactaid, etc.) and parents will submit proof of purchase of those products during a specific purchasing period to the registered POP Stars coordinator who will then submit them in bulk to Good Housekeeping to be counted