National PTA and Amazon Collaborate to Bring Kindles to Classrooms Nationwide for Family Engagement and Literacy Efforts

1,000 Kindles to be donated to PTAs in low-income schools as part of Family Reading Experience program

 ALEXANDRIA, Va., (March 25, 2015) — With a shared commitment to supporting student success, National PTA® and Amazon have continued their collaboration to bring Kindles to classrooms across the country for family engagement and literacy efforts. Part of the PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle program, 1,000 Kindles will be donated to PTAs in low-income schools where 40% or more of enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle was launched in 2013 to encourage family involvement in their children’s reading and reinforce core skills of literacy.

“Family engagement and early literacy skills are two critical factors that determine children’s success. And research shows that when families read together, children do better in school and beyond,” said Otha Thornton, president of National PTA. “E-readers are a powerful tool to engage children in reading and make it possible for children to have a large collection of books in the palms of their hands. We are pleased to expand our collaboration with Amazon to promote a love of literature and support student success.”

PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle is a national program that engages families of children in grades K–5 in school-based literacy events featuring fun, educational games and activities using physical books and Kindle e-books. The events are designed to teach families about reading fundamentals and give them tools to help their children become lifelong readers.

National PTA announced the donation of Kindles during a PTA Family Reading Experience event at Strathmore Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md. Strathmore Elementary School PTA is the first in the nation in 2015 to receive a classroom of Kindles.

“At Strathmore, we believe reading is essential to academic success, and as a result, it is critical that students are actively engaged in reading with their families,” said Tivinia Nelson, principal of Strathmore Elementary School. “Kindles and other technology aid us in reaching students who are not motivated by traditional books.”

In addition to the donation of Kindles, National PTA also will launch the PTA Family Reading Challenge in July 2015 to motivate families to make joyful memories by reading great books together and inspire others with their experiences.


For more information about the PTA Family Reading Experience program and the application process to receive a set of Kindles, visit