Local Unit Award Winners

The following units received awards at the 105th Annual Delaware PTA Leadership Dinner & Awards Ceremony held Friday April 28th at Cab Calloway School of Arts. Award winners were chosen based on their demonstrated commitment to strong family-school partnerships and excellence in leadership.

Leadership Awards

Southern PTA – Excellence in Leadership

Allen Frear PTA – Excellence in Family Engagement

Carrcroft PTA – Excellence in Leadership

Thurgood Marshall PTA – Excellence in local unit communications

HB dupont PTA – Excellence in Communications

Bunker Hill PTA – Excellence in Family Engagement

 March Madness Award Winner

North Star PTA in the Red Clay Consolidated School District had an impressive 61% member retention.

Smith Elementary PTA was a close second with a 51% retention rate followed by PS duPont PTA at 50%.

Best Year-over-Year growth – 2016 to 2017:

1st Place: Leasure Elementary PTA

2nd Place: Maple Lane Elementary PTA

Best steady growth over last 3 years:

1st Place Cooke PTA

2nd Place Linden Hill PTA

3rd Place Silver Lake Elementary PTA

4th Place Appo PreSchool PTA

Consistent membership over the last 3 years:

Region 1 Brandywine – Bush ECC PTA (Honorable Mention – Lombardy PTA)

Region 2 Red Clay- North Star PTA (Honorable Mention – Heritage PTA)

Region 3 Christina – Shue Medill PTA (Honorable Mention – Gallaher PTA & Downes PTA)

Region 4 Colonial – Castle Hills PTA (Honorable Mention – Eisenberg PTA)

Region 5 Appo – Olive B Loss PTA (Honorable Mention – Bunker Hill PTA)

Region 6 Caesar Rodney- Welch PTA (Honorable Mention – Allen Frear PTA)