Local Leader Updates: Leadership Briefing

 Leadership BriefingTop 3 Things You Need to Know

·  It’s Back-to-School season! Have you registered for the new PTA Back-to-School Kit yet? When you register, we’ll mail you a free Recruitment Tool. See details below.

·  We get the joke in the new Bad Moms movie… But we want to let the world know about all of the great work that we do. So, National PTA has launched a #PTAProud campaign. Tell everyone you’re #PTAProud, too!Learn more.

·  Earlier this week, National PTA teamed up with Mountain America Credit Union to become one of the association’s newest member benefit providers and help families achieve their financial dreams.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the fee eLearning courses available online. These quick and convenient courses will help you in your role as a PTA leader. Register for our PTA eLearning courses today at PTA.org/eLearning.Back-to-School Tools and Resources  eLearning
National PTA Back-to-School Kit

We are so excited that over 4,600 people have registered for the 2016-2017 National PTA Back-to-School Kit. Registration only takes a few minutes and gives you access to everything you need to know about running your PTA. Watch the How-To Register video for more info.

By registering for the Back-to-School Kit, you will receive a brand-new Recruitment Tool. These free packets will help you grow your membership.

Those who registered for the kit in July will receive their free Recruitment Tools in the mail in late August.

Want to learn more? Check out a short FAQ clip from our Facebook Live last week! You can also share this sample social media messaging toolkit with your local units.

Back-to-School Power Moves

When it comes to your child’s education, you are a Learning Hero. Your superpowers include expertise about your child’s interests, habits and personality.

Combine this knowledge with a clear understanding of how to support your child’s learning and the sky’s the limit. Use Learning Hero’s Super 5 tips to help your child get the most out of school and visit BeALearningHero.org/Super5for more resources and ideas.

Download the Super 5 tip sheets in English and Spanishtoday and share them with your local units—just in time for back-to-school night.

School of Excellence


Become a School of Excellence

Are you interested in becoming a School of Excellence or want to recruit PTAs to become one? Join us for an informational webinar Sept. 21 to help get started on the path to excellence.

We’ll dive deeper into the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships and share all of the tools available to support your efforts—from enrollment to excellence.

Encourage your local units to take the webinar and promote this throughout your PTA network. Learn more at PTA.org/Excellence.

Recorded Webinars

Digital Communication Best Practices: Leverage Digital Platforms to Engage

How To Engage Families in Creating Healthier Schools
Crisis Management: Building Your Plan, Key Messages and Media Skills

Understanding the Many Perspectives of Hispanic Families

Support Student Success

Join us Sept. 15 for a webinar in collaboration with Univision Communications, Common Sense Media and the National Council of La Raza to ensure Hispanic and Latino children get a quality education and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Gain knowledge of the impact of family engagement on student success as well as ways to support children’s learning and development in school, at home and in the community.

Register now for the English and Spanish webinars.

A Parent’s Role in ESSA Implementation   ESSA

What is the future of family engagement in education? How can children’s educational experience be improved?

Discover the ways parents can help with the ESSA implementation process and how parents can make sure that every child gets a world-class education.

Download the slides from the webinar and watch the webinar on our YouTube.