So far we have completed two Leadership Trainings to help prepare our local unit officers for the start of the new school year. These trainings are critical to ensure the effective running of your unit. It is also a great opportunity to network and share best practices. All new unit officers are expected to attend at least one training session.

We are THRILLED with the representation from districts/schools to date. Some PTA units even found so much value in the training that they came twice!!!

Our next Leadership Training will be held on Sept 24th at Allen Frear Elementary from 6pm -8pm at 238 Sorghum Mill Rd, Camden in the Caesar Rodney School District. RSVP HERE

The following units have successfully completed Leadership Training for the 2014-15 school year. Thank you for making the commitment to support the students, families and teachers in your school!!!


June Leadership Training (State Office)               

Red Clay Special Needs PTA

P.S. duPont PTA

Harlan PTA

Brandywine Special Needs PTA

Carrie Downie PTA

AG Waters PTA

Gaugher-Cobbs PTA

Shortlidge PTA

Olive B Loss PTA

HB Dupont PTA

Keene PTA


August Leadership Training (Brandywine Hundred Library)

Bush Early Childhood PTA

Carcroft PTA

Carrie Downie PTA

Forwood PTA


Maclary PTA

Marbook PTA

Mount Pleasant HS PTA

Newark HS PTA

North Star PTA

Thurgood Marshall PTA

Wilbur Elem. PTA


September Leadership Training (Kent County)

Will you be next on our Leadership Wall of Fame??


*Possible other training dates for the following locations TBD:

 – Appo School District

 – Christina School District or State Office