IEP Task Force Meeting

IEP improvement task force meeting

Good evening PTA family,

This is just a reminder the IEP task force will hold its first meeting this Thursday September 4th. It is our understanding that the task force will make recommendations to improve the way schools create Individualized Education Plans for students with disabilities. Delaware PTA Exceptional Child Chair Liz Toney will represent Delaware PTA and PTA families on the task force. This meeting is open to the public, so we encourage all interested families, educators and community members to attend. The meeting will begin at 4:30pm at the

John Collette Center 35 Commerce Way  Dover, DE.

IEPs are the legal documents parents and schools create to make sure students with special needs are receiving the appropriate accommodations.

Lt. Gov. Matt Denn will chair the task force. The task force is seeking input from parents and the public.

Those unable to attend in Dover can videoconference from the fourth floor of the Carvel State Office Building at 820 N. French Street in Wilmington.

The state enacted two laws recently to improve IEPs. One aims to make sure school districts are setting high standards for what should be in the plans, and another aims to make it affordable for parents to challenge a school’s plan.




Dr. Terri Hodges

State President