Education Funding Rally

The clock is ticking and we need to continue to apply pressure to oppose the proposed education budget cuts. Our schools and students simply cannot afford these steep cuts.

The Education Funding Campaign has planned a rally for Tuesday June 20. As a coalition partner, Delaware PTA will be part of the rally. President of the Christina PTA Council Mary Schorse will speak at the rally on behalf of Delaware PTA.

We strongly encourage all students, parents, teachers and community members to come out and join the rally. We need to support those legislators that are resisting the education cuts. We need to let all of the legislators know that it is time we start investing in education because our schools matter. Our students deserve the best possible education we can give them.


What: Education Funding Rally

When: Tuesday June 20th 1pm -3pm

Where:  Legislative Hall, Dover Delaware

Who: Education Funding Campaign Coalition Partners


For more information on the rally, you can visit the Facebook event at