DPTA Education Committee – Needs Teachers’ Insight

We need the “T” in PTA

to be an active part
of our state-level Education Committee



We are calling upon our Teacher Members to help Delaware PTA with the ongoing development of our Education Committee which provides input, insight and classroom connections  to our advocacy policies, training content and greater depth  in understanding the many nuances of public education implementation across our 19 different school districts in the state.


The Education Committee is to be made up of active educational professionals within the Delaware public education system.  

The committee provides direct insight as to classroom results based on the different school and district  efforts reflecting the  various policy decisions undertaken whether at the federal, state and/or local level.


The DPTA Education Committee provides direct input
into a variety of our ongoing efforts and state-wide practices,
including but not limited to:

  • General education issues such as curriculum development, teacher training and professionalism, testing and innovative programs being implemented across the state of Delaware
  • Our Annual Legislative Policy Agenda
  • Our recruitment of more teachers from every district in Delaware
  • Our association’s understanding of student results and impacts of ongoing assessment efforts in Delaware for ALL STUDENTS
  • Our training outreach to various families on standards, curriculum and assessments decisions and how to assist our own children
  • Our ongoing understanding of the latest Federal Education Act – as of December 2015, this is the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA)  which has now replaced NCBL.

If you would like to be a part of this committee, 
here are some of the tasks involved: 

* An active teacher in public education,

* Availability to give input approximately 4-6 times a year,

* Willingness to help develop training materials that build more in depth Home-School relationships,

* Efforts to understand the variety of district decisions  that impact classroom teachers, (and not just your own district)

* Willingness to collaborate and create content for basic family understanding of our current system within Delaware and how families can be more engaged.


To RAISE YOUR HAND to be a contributor to this committee, 
please complete the Education Committee Form and  email the DPTA President at








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