Clock hours for educators that attend the Delaware PTA Convention


We hope that educators from across the state will join us on Saturday, April 28, 2018, from 8 am – 4 pm at St. Georges Highschool in Middletown as we discuss three very important topics in education:

  • Funding Public Education,
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Family Engagement!!

All educators in attendance at the 2018 Delaware PTA State Convention will receive a certificate for 8 clock hours to submit to their district HR department.  Just let the attendant know you are a teacher when you check in the morning of convention!!

We will have a discussion panel on Funding Public Education and Trauma-Informed Care and a workshop facilitated by the Delaware Department of Education on Family Engagement. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The mission of PTA is to advocate for Every Child with One Voice, and teachers play a critical role in that advocacy. We recognize the value that our teachers bring to the table. We understand the important role you play in the classroom and the impact you have well beyond the school day. In advocating for our children, we also advocate for you. We support our teachers and the efforts of their representative organization to protect the integrity of the profession and provide you with the tools and resources you need to continue to positively impact the lives of students across Delaware every day. Here are four things we know to be true of our educators:

1. At some of our schools, the educators are the PTA. Your involvement in your local PTA unit does not go unnoticed. We appreciate the time you give to your students and their families. We know the sacrifices you make to serve your students and meet their individual needs.

2. Educators are vital to advocacy. As the ones in the “trenches”, you know better than anybody else what it takes to help a student succeed. You understand better than anyone what types of supports and services you need in your classroom and your building.

3. Educators are more objective to advocate for ALL children and also advocate for the WHOLE child. You see first-hand the struggles of some of our most at-risk students. You understand that short-term fixes in the classroom will not address the problems the follow these children when they leave the school building. You are the eyes and the ears of the student body and you are in the best position to inform strategies to meet their needs.

4. During the average school day, you spend more time with our children than the caretaker does. Next to the caretaker, you know these children better than anyone else. You understand their strengths and weakness, fears and aspirations.

For these reasons and many others, we thank you for the commitment you make to our children every day. We thank you for your dedication to the profession and your commitment to making education better for everyone.



Dr. Terri Hodges