Boxed is Here to Save the Day






Picture this: You need to stock up for your next PTA meeting. You drive to the wholesale club or grocery store, circle the lot to find parking, fight through the store with hundreds of other shoppers (and an unruly cart), then wait forever in line to checkout. More frustrating than tangled headphones, right?

Which is why you’re going to love Boxed!

At Boxed, we sell big sizes of all your everyday essentials at low prices, with a wide selection of healthy snacks and back to school items—with no membership fees—all delivered straight to your PTA, home or office. We also cater to different diets with organic, gluten-free and nut-free groceries, all-natural cleaning and paper products and much more.

We know every little bit helps, which is why Boxed is proud to be National PTA’s newest Member Benefit Provider, offering discounts to PTA Members. To help with the new school year, log in at to receive your code for $10 off your $50 order + free shipping until Sept. 15.


Imagine how this could work for your PTA. We can deliver everything you need for PTA meetings, school events or teacher appreciation gifts so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.