Attention Local PTA Leaders:


As an FYI, we want to make you aware of an email scam that two of our sister PTA state associations have encountered. These emails are hitting both state and local PTA, so everyone should be vigilant of these types of email scams. The person(s) hacking the account sent a message under the cover of the PTA president requesting that the treasurer initiate a wire transfer for the purpose of procuring equipment for the school. Thankfully, due to well written out and established business processes, the treasurers in these PTAs were able to identify the email as a deliberate act to commit fraud and were able to avoid exposing their PTAs to the potential loss of valuable resources designated for the benefit of the children they serve.

There are several things your PTA can do to protect yourself from such an attack:
1. Make sure you have well documented procedures and processes for money disbursement.
2. Establish clear lines of communication between your board members.
3. Know your budget well. The best indicator of a potential fraudulent activity is a request that is made for something outside of your PTAs member-approved budget.
4. Make sure your board of directors is well trained! September & October training sessions will be posted next week.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at