2015 Youth Leadership Submit Postponed

Hi all,  Thank you all for your support over these last few months in trying to organize this Spring DPTA 2015 Youth Summit.

Even though we know that our marketing efforts were seen throughout the community and that many of our PTA units and schools buildings supported our efforts by printing off the posters themselves and hanging them in their buildings, distributing postcards this last week, and sharing the information across their networks these last 6 weeks, unfortunately this has not translated into strong registration numbers.As of today, we simply do not have enough attendees even registered to have the event.
As such, after discussion with the Delaware PTA Executive Board this afternoon and looking at efforts of other PTA Youth Summit events in other states, we are POSTPONING our 2015 Youth Summit to be coordinated with the PTA State Convention on Saturday, Nov 21st 2015.  We hope that by combining the 2 events together we’ll get better attendance from a variety of students. Much of the work already outlined for the Youth Summit will be carried forward to the fall. So please, mark your calendars:
105th Delaware PTA State Convention & Youth Summit
Saturday, November 21, 2015
Delaware Technical Community College – Terry Campus
Dover, Delaware
We will merge our committee efforts with the larger Convention Organizing Committee that is forming.  Some of the work that we have done around marketing, community connections and even sponsorship will help this new committee get started quickly.  I invite all of you to consider joining this committee and, if nothing else, hope we can include you in the fall efforts once again with the direct support of the Youth Summit for Delaware students come November 2015.
We received very positive feedback from many, new and different community partners around the event, getting students involved and the outline of the day.  So we are on target for the spirit of the event — hopefully by combining with the parents in the fall we’ll get the youth involved in a very meaningful way.
Anyone wishing to become involved in the planning of the November Youth Leadership Summit or act as a sponsor, should contact me at ashley.dalzel-gray@delawarepta.org 
Thank you all again for your support,