The Good To Go Gang

Hello PTA Leaders

We hope that everyone is enjoying the start of summer vacation. Over the next few weeks most units will be meeting to develop the budget for the upcoming school year, plan back to school events and assess fundraising options. Delaware PTA is excited to inform you of a new fundraising option with one of our National partners, The Good To Go Gang.

Strong evidence exists which supports the link between physical activity and health outcomes, as well as the positive effects of physical education and physical activity on school performance. The Good To Go Gang fundraiser allows you to promote healthy lifestyles via fun interactive activities on nutrition and physical activities, while supporting Delaware’s mandate that schools provide physical education in grades K-8, and requires that high schools provide physical education courses.  

   Your PTA will earn $3.00 for every $10.00 kit that you sell AND have a chance to win an additional cash prize

Good To Go Gang Cash Prize

The Good to Go Gang is offering a 150-minute exercise library (30 minutes a day) of guided activity to be played in the classroom for elementary children.  This is a great opportunity to promote a healthier lifestyle for our children.

click the link below to visit the Good to Go Gang’s website to submit your DVD request.

Join the Good to Go Gang in their “Wellness Campaign” by requesting your free copies of the DVDs for the 2015-2016 school year,