2014 – 2015 Reflections Winners

Please join Delaware PTA in congratulating the winners and honorable mention participants of our 2014-2015 Reflections Program. This year’s theme was ‘The world would be a better place if …’. The winner in each category competed at the National PTA level. Although Delaware did not have any artist recognized at the National level, winners and honorable mention participants, along with the theme search winners were recognized at the Delaware PTA Reflections Award Ceremony held on Tuesday, April 21 at 6pm at Newark High School.



Primary:               Hannah Patterson – Maclary (Winner)

Intermediate:    Kylie Shelton – Maclary (Winner)

Sareena Modi – North Star (Honorable Mention)

Miriam Kazzaz – McVey (Honorable Mention)

Middle School:      Shayla Modi – HB DuPont (Winner)

High School:         Julia Murphy – Newark (Winner)



Primary:               Aaron Elmer – Allen Frear (Winner)

Intermediate:        Sareena Modi – North Star (Winner)

Zachariah Gallaher – McVey (Honorable Mention)



Primary:               Aarush Sudamalla – North Star (Winner)

Charlotte Cox – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Ethan Seifert – Heritage (Honorable Mention)

Intermediate:        Abigail Cushing – Heritage (Winner)

Zachariah Gallaher – McVey (Honorable Mention)

Autumn Shahan – Heritage (Honorable Mention)

Gregory Toala – Heritage (Honorable Mention)

Middle School:      Janice Xie – Shue-Medill (Winner)

Ellen McIntyre – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)

Samir Chowdhury – Shue-Medill (Honorable Mention)

High School:          Sowmya Janaki – DMA (Winner)

Dakota Edwards – Newark (Honorable Mention)

Special Artist:        Abigail Sisson – Shue-Medill (Winner)

Jeffrey Browning – Shue-Medill (Honorable Mention)

Eli Hughes – Shue-Medill (Honorable Mention)

William Adamchak – Wilson (Honorable Mention)



Intermediate:        Lea Frost – North Star (Winner)

Tage Harrison – Downes (Co-Winner)

Elijah Gallaher – McVey (Honorable Mention)

Middle School:       Savannah Walker – Shue-Medill (Winner)



Primary:                Josiah Gallaher- McVey (Winner)

Sarah Patterson – Maclary (Honorable Mention)

Alaina Everhart – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Intermediate:        Marianna Campbell – Heritage(Winner)

Sareena Modi – North Star (Honorable Mention)

Autumn Shahan – Heritage (Honorable Mention)

Middle School:       Shayla Modi – HB DuPont(Winner)


Visual Arts

Primary:                Edwin Martinez-Alfaro – Keene (Winner)

Ginger Johnson – Downes (Honorable Mention)

Adarsh Ramamurthy – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)

Madison Davis – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Intermediate:        Marianna Campbell – Heritage (Winner)

Raleigh Priest – Allen Frear (Honorable Mention)

Esha Bolar – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)

Middle School:      Karen Pollock – Shue-Medill (Winner)

Sebastián Zavala Villagómez – Shue-Medill (Honorable Mention)

Aditya Kakade – AG Waters (Honorable Mention)

High School:          Cassandra O’Quinn – Newark (Winner)

Brianna Quiñones – Newark (Honorable Mention)

Special Artist:        Alex Anderson – Shue-Medill (Winner)

William Adamchak – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Abdurahman Zouari – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Mikell Watson – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Juan Martinez – Wilson (Honorable Mention)

Jesus Lopez – Wilson (Honorable Mention)


National PTA winners were announced on May 1, 2015. You may see the complete list at PTA.org/Reflections in the “Gallery and Awards” section.


In addition to the above, Delaware PTA submitted five entries to National PTA for their 2016-2017 theme search. Those winners are:

Cierra Banner (Maclary), Colleed Collier (Maclary), Lea Frost (North Star), Autumn Shahan (Heritage) and Clayton Smith (Carrcroft)