2015-16 Delaware PTA Reflections Honorees

Please join Delaware PTA in congratulating the winners of the 2015-16 Reflections program!  This year’s theme was ‘Let Your Imagination Fly’.  The winner in each category will be competing at the National PTA level.   National PTA winners will be announced on May 1, 2016.  You may see the complete list at PTA.org/Reflections in the “Gallery and Awards” section on that date.


These students’ accomplishments will be honoured at the Reflections Award Ceremony on Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 6pm at Newark High School.   Their entries will be displayed for all to admire.




Primary:               Hannah Patterson – Maclary (Winner)  ‘You Can Fly’

Jacqueline Jerome – Cooke (Honorable Mention)  ‘Sapphire Beauty’

Kameron Phelam – North Star (Honorable Mention)  ‘Rotten to the Core’

Intermediate:     Taru Sankar- Jennie Smith (Winner)  ‘The Indian Dance’

Middle School:   Shayla Modi – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘Dancing Together’



Primary:               Isabella Eppler – Jennie Smith (Winner)  ‘Fly!’

Jackson Williamson – North Star (Honorable Mention)  ‘Shark Attack’

Intermediate:     Athan Livaditis – Cooke (Winner)  ‘The Young Hero’

Amrita Tailor – North Star (Honorable Mention)  ‘Lily in Imagination Land’

High School:       Lucky Marvel – Mt. Pleasant (Winner)  ‘Missing Confidence’

Special Artist:     Alessio Lanza – Olive B Loss (Winner)  ‘Flying Whale’



Primary:               Maya Hollstein – North Star (Winner)  ‘Pet Bird’

Maanya Varadharajan – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Visit to Space’

Aarush Sudamalla – North Star (Honorable Mention)  ‘Amazing Epic O.M.’

Intermediate:     Marianna Campbell – Heritage (Winner)  ‘All in My Head’

Kaitlyn Barry – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘The One Tree’

Srijay Chenna – North Star (Honorable Mention)  ‘My Fantastic Day’

Daven Kaufmann – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘Cloud Town’

Middle School:   Daniel Steenkamer – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘iBox’

Grace Chen – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Let Your Imagination Fly’

Abbie Wu – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Let Your Imagination Fly’

High School:       Sowmya Janaki – Delaware Military Academy (Winner)  ‘Light Bulbs’

Kathryn Klebon – Newark (Honorable Mention)  ‘The Weight’

James Sidlowski – Delaware Military Academy (Honorable Mention)  ‘Dreams and Love’

Special Artist:     Lucas White – Wilson (Winner)  ‘Bunny Run’



Primary:               Ginger Johnson – VIP (Winner)  ‘Soaring Through the Clouds’

Intermediate:     Tage Harrison – Brick Mill / VIP (Winner)  ‘A Hunt in the Woods’

Taru Sankar – Jennie Smith (Honorable Mention)  ‘Dream’

High School:       Gregory McKinnon – Mt. Pleasant (Winner)  ‘Dropped Off’

Moinul Islam – Mt. Pleasant (Honorable Mention)  ‘To The Moon’

Jelani Smith – Mt. Pleasant (Honorable Mention)  ‘Boat’



Primary:               Aarush Sudamalla – North Star (Winner)  ‘Magical Bridge’

Josiah Gallaher – McVey (Honorable Mention)  ‘Statue of Liberty’

Sarah Patterson – Maclary (Honorable Mention)  ‘Spark of the Imagination’

Harry Rawstrom – Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)  ‘Darth Vader’s Castle’

Intermediate:     Colleed Collier – Maclary (Winner)  ‘Let Your Imagination Fly … Airplane Wing’

Abigail Ehemann – Maclary (Honorable Mention)  ‘Flying Tanner’

Mallory Holloway – Cooke (Honorable Mention)  ‘Imagination Rainbow’

Sareena Modi – North Star (Honorable Mention)  ‘The Canyons’

Middle School:   Amrutha Veeramachineni – HB DuPont (Winner)  ‘Rays of Hope’

Victoria Gallaher – Cab Calloway / VIP (Honorable Mention)  ‘Many Sides of Me’

Shayla Modi – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)  ‘Looking Over the Grand Canyon’

High School:      Grace Gerchman – Mt. Pleasant (Winner)  ‘Imagination Can Fly’

Virginia Milham – Newark (Honorable Mention)  ‘Man vs Nature’

Mackenzie Steinberg – Mt. Pleasant (Honorable Mention)  ‘Using My Imagination’

Visual Arts

Primary:              Methuki Fonseka- Linden Hill (Winner)  ‘Candy Land’

Michaela Goguen– Linden Hill (Honorable Mention)  ‘Explosion of the Brain’

Sam Gutzmirtl – Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘The Dragon Battle’

Intermediate:    Mya Gonzalez- Jennie Smith (Winner)  ‘Paris at Night’

Erin Glanz– Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘Inside of a Fly’s Eyes’

Dylan O’Bryan– Heritage (Honorable Mention)  ‘Stairs to the Sky’

Middle School:  Abraham Restrepo-Parra – Stanton (Winner)  ‘Cradle Cities’

Maria Bernal – Stanton (Honorable Mention)  ‘Connected to Nature’

Kaela See – Stanton (Honorable Mention)  ‘Your World’

High School:     Phoenix Ridings – Mt. Pleasant (Winner)  ‘Xavier’

Kyle Andrade – Mt. Pleasant (Honorable Mention)  ‘The World of Creation’

Samantha Klebon – Newark (Honorable Mention)  ‘We All Have Our Dragons’


In addition to the above, Delaware PTA submitted five entries to National PTA for their 2017-2018 theme search contest.


Those winners are:

Adam Garcia – Loss,  ‘One World: Stand Tall, Stand Proud’

Caitlyn McCarl – Keene,  ‘I’m Proud to be an American because …’

William L. Moore III – Keene,   ‘T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More’

Amrita Tailor – North Star ,  ‘ I am Unique because …’

Elizabeth Zolandz – Heritage,   ‘Save Mother Earth’