Virtual Convention Registration is LIVE!

November 9th 7-9 pm

  • AIM Insurance presentation by Founder and CEO of AIM Elgin B. Allen Jr.
  • National PTA Bias Training presented by Anna King, National PTA President-Elect

November 12th 7-9pm

  • Panel Discussion- School Reopening
  • Empowering Families through Grass Roots Advocacy training presented by Yvonne Johnson, National PTA Vice President of Advocacy

November 16th 6-9pm

November 19th 7-9 pm

  • National PTA Membership training presented by Darlene Harris, National PTA Vice President of Membership
  • Robert’s Rules/Running a PTA meeting presented by Rose Acerra, National PTA Board Member

**Other Workshops to be added, workshop date and times may be adjusted


Registration Cost is $10 per person