Tax Filing/ Audit Resources

Many of you have asked for resources to use for assistance and/or guidance in completing your yearly audits and tax filings. Through our membership with the Delaware Alliance of Non Profit Associations (DANA), and other internal referrals, we are able to share the preliminary list of resources with you. We will add this list to our website under Treasurer Resources. As new firms/individuals become available the list will be updated

Keep in mind, that you may also form an independent audit committee drawing on the expertise of your members, staff and community members.

The name of accounts/CPA’s/auditors

The Ballard Firm – www.theballardfirm.com
Bob Elder – Santora CPAs – Bob Elder relder@santoracpagroup.com
Jonathan Moll – BLS Accounting – JMoll@belfint.com
Patricia Withington – Your Part-Time Controller – patriciaw@yptc.com
Daniell Van Derwerf – Rowland Johnson & Co. – danielle@rowlandjohnson.com

Disclosure: We would just like to remind you that Delaware PTA is sharing this information as a courtesy. Although we do not endorse one firm over the other, these firms have been thoroughly vetted and endorsed for nonprofit accounting & tax prep by DANA.

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