End of the Year Check List

Each year, we ask our local units to close out the current fiscal year and prepare for the new fiscal year. We do this to ensure our local units are aligned with Delaware PTA’s mission and values, maintain good business practices and comply with applicable federal laws. It also allows us to support local units to fulfill National PTA’s exempt purposes. Effective, well-run Affiliates are vital to fulfilling PTA’s purposes and achieving PTA’s mission.

To assist with this process, we have created an End of Year Check List.  Please use this list as a guide to wrapping up your fiscal year. The fiscal year is July to June. All forms and information you need is available on this website. It is imperative that our local units meet established deadlines to remain compliant with Delaware PTA.

*Local units are not required to return unused membership cards.

IRS Filing Deadline: The IRS filing is due the fifteenth day of the fifth month following the close of the fiscal year. If your fiscal year ends June 30, then your filing deadline is November 15th. You can file any time between the close of your fiscal year and the deadline.
Do not be late.
The IRS is quite serious about imposing penalties and fines for being tardy. If you are genuinely running late you can file an extension for the 990-EZ but not for the 990-N. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING YOUR 990