Running Your PTA

A PTA organization comes with a tremendous support network that can help parents stay involved in their child’s school without taking on undue personal risks. We will help you get started with this checklist Local Unit Audit Checklist

Use this easy checklist to make sure you PTA is a  Unit in Good Standing

Use this easy-to-use quick reference guide to implement all the important strategies and functions of your PTA. This kit contains resources and leadership tools and is designed to assist your executive team in meeting critical benchmarks and goals to ensure each child’s success this school year. – See more at: http://www.ptakit.org/index.aspx#sthash.9b6oPdxY.dpuf 

Find additional resources for your officers  at http://www.ptakit.org/PTA-President/index.aspx 

Additional Questions?? Check out the Local Leaders Guide to running your PTA. Roles and Responsibilities of Officers, Board and Committees